Project info:

This addition to an existing clinker brick house in Mentone, Melbourne for a small family adds a volume to the rear of site that activates the garden and draws light into these new living, kitchen and dining spaces. The plan of this new work picks up on the existing circulation corridor and sweeps it round to form an arc shape that makes for the series of connected living spaces that now receive northern light and sunshine.

Using black brick this new volume gently touches the existing but establishes a new architectural form and identity for the rear of site. Overhead and forming the other central element of this project, a concrete roof with a large openings cut into it works twofold. Firstly, creating a protected outdoor terrace that extends from the interior living spaces and that also supports a roof garden from which plants spill down through the hole forming a living curtain. The black brick continues into the interior of this new volume animated by the pay of light and also by a shimmering brass island bench.

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    Boon Wurrung

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