Project info:

How to make a family home with all the outdoor amenities one might have on a suburban block fit into a very tight and narrow city site. This was the task for this alteration and addition project on a long narrow site only 4.2 meters wide, in Cremorne. Efficiently planned, this project uses every possible space and also includes vertical additions that make for a series of dispersed outdoor areas across all levels and two garden towers clad with breeze blocks. On the ground floor are two bedrooms with a study / TV room squeezed between them.

A light well separates private areas from the kitchen and dining areas, and a small north-facing courtyard fits between the living and dining rooms. Kitchen and joinery elements run the length of the living spaces and efficiently resolve storage and kitchen requirements as well as forming a daybed overlooking the courtyard. The second level holds the main bedroom and small ensuite while the thickened permeable facade on the north allows for an external stair that leads to a roof top deck whilst also bringing light into these upper-level spaces. This stair runs through what is a lightwell overflowing with plants and from the street level, this composition of the apricot breeze blocks, planting and the stair, animates the street below.

  • Year Built:

    Under Construction 2020

  • Type:

    In progress / Residential

  • Country:


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