Project info:

Designed for a family who wanted some playful joy and individuality in their new home, this project takes delight in creating a series of inside and outside spaces efficiently planned but each having a unique character and form. Located on a corner site on Ruckers Hill Melbourne and with views out to the city, this addition to a red brick Edwardian pays respect to the existing house whilst reworking the site and its planning. In a move to give all living spaces northern light, a new form at the rear of the site holds kitchen, dining and living space. Upstairs is a small library and spare bedroom.

At ground level, a linking element defined by upturned arches, holds a swimming pool and plant-lined passage that connects the existing building and new volume. Along this link bench seating and inbuilt planter boxes make for a theatrical space from which to view the pool or adjacent garden courtyard. From the new living room views extend across this pool space back towards the existing house, while the new kitchen and dining spaces overlook both the new garden courtyard and also the urban streetscape to the west. Outside, the composition is layered; an articulated concrete wall forms the base with cream brick marking the upper level and arched forms of the pool and passageway.  In between and above fence planters and roof top gardens let plants spill out and down across the buildings surface.

  • Year Built:

    Under Construction 2019

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