Project info:

A new contemporary chapel and community building on a site with an existing heritage church, within a residential context.  Scale is carefully considered with respect to its civic significance and residential neighbours, and the design seeks to organise the site to maximize the community aspects of the building, appropriately engaging the context, and integrating with the landscape with an aim to blur the boundary between the streetscape and the church property.

The building is a singular form which modulates in scale between the monumentality of the existing church on site and the single-story dwellings surrounding it.  The form gently wraps around three sides of a courtyard facing the main street frontage, creating a protected open space both for bringing together the congregation and students for gatherings and casual socializing, and also contributing a new public space to the streetscape which invites the public in.

Landscape Architecture by Openwork

  • Year Built:

    Under Construction 2023

  • Type:

    In progress / Public & Educational

  • Country:


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