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Studio Bright and Silvester Fuller were selected as one of three shortlisted teams for the Two Transport Place design excellence competition. A commercial project, Two Transport Place presented an opportunity to establish a unique vision for an important site adjacent to the train station in Green Square, Alexandria. The timing of the project offered an opportunity to reset the nature of the workplace, what it offers as a destination for working, whilst also highlighting the contribution it can make to the vibrancy and diversity of our city centres. Within the context of the Green Square town centre our concept strove to bring back some of the programmatic and textural diversity that had been erased on the site.

The resulting design response dealt with several key concepts:

    • Capturing a grain, scale and articulation which recalls the richness of a building vernacular that is disappearing.
    • An activated plinth that talks to scale, history, invitation and kindness.
    • Adopting detail, material and spatial qualities of the home into the workplace.
    • A closer connection between inside and outside – base building architecture and workplace design.
    • A responsive skin that adapts to orientation and climate.
    • Healthy environments for collaboration, focus and diversity of working modes.
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    Eora Nation

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