06.07.2019 / Projects / Awards

Garden Wall House has been awarded in the Residential Architecture – Houses (Alterations and Additions) category in the 2019 Victorian Architecture Awards. Please read below for the jury citation for this project:

“This modest yet highly-wrought project displayed a level of precision that could only have been executed by a highly skilled and experienced practitioner. The second storey addition a sharply defined dark brick veil – appears to rest lightly on the terrace’s existing party walls – a seemingly simple composition that demonstrates a mastery of unflinchingly clean lines hold the composition  of the  design, and form strata within the living spaces that continue outside into the garden and form the basis of joinery and the stairs.

The manipulation of natural light finds it glancing across the largely monotone palette of exquisite textures such as hard plaster, bagging and brickwork. Its source is primarily from two sculptural, double-height skylights that manage to pull sunlight into the long terrace space through an act of spatial acrobatics; and provide an airy sense of daylight to the downstairs living area.

The project clearly reflects and supports the life of its occupants, providing an almost monastic response to the contemporary domestic condition downstairs that is tempered by a gentle and inviting private living and sleeping space above.”